Readmission to the program

A student with one class failure can apply in writing to the Degree's Executive Committee for reinstatement:

  • The reinstatement application should include the following:
    • a letter of reflection about the student's shortcomings
    • reasons for failure in the particular course and plans for remediation
    • an updated Graduate Student Program Form [PDF - 102 kB]
  • The reinstatement application should be submitted within a week of notification of dismissal from the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Late applications will result in the student missing the subsequent academic term.

On the recommendation of the Degree's Executive Committee and approval by the Faculty of Graduate Studies, the student may be immediately reinstated to the program. If reinstated, any subsequent failure will result in academic dismissal from the program, without the provision to apply for reinstatement.

A student who cumulatively has two (or more) class failures in a graduate program will be academically dismissed from the program, with provision to apply for reinstatement after one year.

Academic dismissal and reinstatement will be recorded on the student’s official transcript.