Coursework Issues

Undergraduate students wishing to take graduate courses require the following:

  • Permission of the instructor.
  • Students must be in their 4th year.
  • No grade less than B in the 3rd year technical computer science core courses (CSCI 3110, CSCI 3120, CSCI 3130).

A Graduate Course Application form is required, completed by the student, signed by the instructor of the course, and submitted to the Graduate Administrator.

Graduate students in the 2-year project-based Master's program require permission of the instructor to take courses for which they lack the prerequisites.

Directed Studies must be approved by both the student's advisor, directed study supervisor, and the graduate coordinator. A Directed Study proposal form is required, completed by the student and signed by both the student's advisor and directed studies supervisor. The directed study proposal form must contain a description of the proposed directed study, a set of milestones to be achieved, and the criteria upon which the work will be evaluated.

A report must be submitted to the graduate coordinator at the end of the term of the directed study.

Withdrawal deadline and marking scheme for an undergraduate (UG) course taken by a graduate student.

The FGS regulation is that all courses that a graduate student takes as part of the degree program, including 2nd and 3rd year undergraduate courses in a 2-year Master's, are subject to the regulations governing graduate classes contained in the Faculty of Graduate Studies Regulations. Therefore the last date to drop a course, undergraduate or graduate, is the "last day to drop classes" listed for each term in the academic dates table of the Graduate Calendar.

Students must decide early in the term (about 4 weeks) whether a course is too difficult for them, and seek timely advice from the instructor or the graduate coordinator on whether they should drop it.