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Remote Presentation Procedures

This is a baseline policy for students, faculty, and staff who wish to carry out a remote presentation (e.g. a thesis defence, an industry conference, etc.) in the Golberg Computer Science Building.

A booking will need to be placed with the CS help desk via cshelp@cs.dal.ca. The booking email should include a date and time for the presentation as well as a copy of any presentations that will be shown (e.g. a powerpoint file, etc.). The CS help desk will then coordinate the appropriate equipment and meeting space for the presentation.

Remote presenters who are using a PowerPoint presentation will need to number their slides using numerical values (1, 2, 3, etc…) so that local viewers will be able to easily identify which slide needs to be displayed.

On the day of the booking, it is recommended that the remote participant call in 10 – 15 minutes early to make sure the call quality is good and the presentation is ready to go. The dial-in phone number will be provided in the support-request response.