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Personal Web Hosting

All students, faculty, and staff are entitled to webspace on the faculty personal webhosting server. Usage is restricted to academic and personal (e.g. non-commerical) use.

Webspace URL

Where "yourCSID" is the CSID username that you use to login to various faculty services, like moodle, lab computers, bluenose.cs.dal.ca, etc. Your website is located at:

URL: http://web.cs.dal.ca/~yourCSID (both HTTP and HTTPS are supported)

You can lookup your CSID and change your password at: http://cs.dal.ca/csid

File uploading

To upload files, login using SSH or SFTP to:

Hostname: bluenose.cs.dal.ca
Username: Your CSID
Password: Your CSID password

Once logged in, navigate to ~/public_html and upload your files. They will be visible at the URL above.

Important points in this step:

  • You cannot login directly to web.cs.dal.ca, uploads must be done through bluenose.cs.dal.ca.
  • If you accidentally delete your public_html directory, contact cshelp@cs.dal.ca to have it recreated. (Simply recreating the directory will not work.)


All students, faculty and staff are entitled to a MySQL database, however databases are not created by default (except when a student is enrolled in certain classes). Anyone without a MySQL database can request one by emailing cshelp@cs.dal.ca.

To connect to your database (via your website, a dedicated app, etc.) use:

Hostname: db.cs.dal.ca
Username: Your CSID
Password: By default, your Dalhousie BannerID
MySQL Database: Your CSID

You can manage your MySQL database and change your MySQL password through phpMyAdmin at:

phpMyAdmin: https://myadmin.cs.dal.ca

You can also use a database manager that supports SSH tunneling, to access your database, by connecting via SSH to bluenose.cs.dal.ca and then to db.cs.dal.ca.

Important points in this step:

  • Your MySQL password is not the same as your CSID password for security reasons. Please do not manually make them the same!
  • Only websites uploaded to bluenose.cs.dal.ca (and thus accessed at web.cs.dal.ca) can use db.cs.dal.ca. All other access is blocked by default.
  • phpMyAdmin can be used to export and import databases to and from other installations of MySQL. Use "SQL" format when exporting. Be careful when importing, many exported SQL data files contain statements that will delete existing data before importing the new data.


You can view the last 2 days of access and error logs for your webspace at:

Apache logs: https://web.cs.dal.ca/logs/

This is intended to be a tool for debugging and not for long term access tracking. Older logs are not available.