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In the past Computer Science, Informatics, Electronic Commerce, and Health Informatics students were given two email accounts at Dalhousie:

  • one provided by ITS with an address consisting of your NetID and ending in @dal.ca, and
  • one provided by the Faculty of Computer Science with an address consisting of your Computer Science username and ending in @cs.dal.ca.

The university has now moved all email services to Microsoft Office 365 and the computer science mail server is no longer used for mail delivery. Email can be checked via the MyDal portal.

All students already possessing an @cs.da.ca email will continue to receive email sent this address. All email to @cs.dal.ca addresses will be automatically forwarded to the corresponding @dal.ca address. Students enrolling after Fall 2013 will not receive an @cs.dal.ca email address.

Setting a vacation responder in Office 365 email

To forward Office 365 email to another address follow these steps:

1. Login to the myDal portal.
2. Open the Applciation menu at the upper left and select Mail.
3. Click the gear icon at the upper right and select Automatic replies.
4. Click the "Send automatic replies" radio button and the "Send replies only during this time period" checkbox.
5. Set the start and end times for your automatic reply.
6. Enter a reply message in the text box. By default this reply is sent only to users inside Dalhousie.
7. If you wish to send an automatic reply to people outside Dalhousie, check the "Send automatic reply messages to senders outside my organization".
8. Click OK at the top of the Automatic replies window.
9. Click the user icon at the upper right and select Sign out from the drop down menu.

IMAP access for Office365 email

IMAP access is enabled for email, but does not support the calendaring, contacts, tasks, or notes services. IMAP will allow the use of clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird to be used to send and receive email. The Outlook Web App or one of the above recommended clients will have to be used to access the other Office 365 services.

The required settings for accessing Office 365 email via IMAP are:

  Incoming (IMAP) Outgoing (SMTP)
Server outlook.office365.com smtp.office365.com
Port 993 587
Encryption SSL TLS
Authentication NetID@dal.ca and password

Legacy email servers

Legacy email service can be reach at: https://webmail.cs.dal.ca