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Plan for winter 2022 in the Faculty of Computer Science

  • Some computer science classes will return to in-person teaching on January 31st. The Faculty of Computer Science’s course offering for the winter 2022 term includes a wide range of options to take in-person, online and dual-delivery courses once we return to campus on January 31.
  • Please refer to the Academic Timetable to confirm the intended delivery methods of your courses. Please note that the Add/Drop deadline is January 14, 2022, and the drop without a W deadline is January 28.
  • If you have registered for courses that will be returning to in-person delivery on January 31 and you are unsure as to whether you will be in Halifax by then, we highly recommended that you drop these courses and register for online or dual delivery courses.
  • Faculty and staff in the Faculty of Computer Science will continue to work remotely until January 31st, please reach out via email if you wish to speak to someone. 


Important updates

Jan 14

On Campus Safety

  • Dalhousie has a multi-layer safety plan, this includes continuing mask use and revised guidance to include the requirement of three-ply masks. A reminder that masks must be worn in all common spaces for the duration of the winter term, including in all classrooms and in spaces such as libraries, hallways, common rooms in residence, meeting spaces, washrooms, etc. For a summary of updated mask guidance, visit our “Wearing your mask” page

Tips for Students Engaging in Blended Learning on Campus

  • Where will you join class? If you need to join your online class on campus, look for an available classroom that isn't being used for teaching at the time when you need to "attend" your virtual class.
  • Will you need to use your microphone, speakers and/or camera to participate? Many synchronous classes will require you to work with others in virtual groups or ask for your individual contributions to class discussions. Be sure you have a working headset at all times and use filters (if possible) to diguise your background.
  • What about seating and space? Choose a spot that isn't close to other students. Remember to keep your distance from others and always wear your 3-ply mask!
  • I'm having an issue participating in class. Who do I contact?Always contact your instructor or TA if you have an issue participating in class. They can best advise you for their particular class or virtual lab.

Stay Connected

  • We’re here to help you!
    • Our undergraduate advising team is on hand to support you via email You can also book a 5-minute drop-in online advising session through this form.
    • Our graduate advising team is on hand to support you via email You can also book a drop-in online advising session through this form.
    • The Learning Centre is available for online support.
    • If you require technical support, the CS Help Desk is fully staffed and available to support you. Please email
  • Ways to connect: We're still actively offering opportunities for students to connect with one another remotely.
  • For students on, or preparing for, a co-op or internship term can rest assured that work terms are continuing. Please continue to communicate with the SITE Co-op Office

Dalhousie Updates

  • Stay up to date with central Dalhousie information and updates related to COVID-19 through this webpage.