On behalf of everyone here in the Faculty of Computer Science, congratulations on your graduation.

Convocation is a time to reflect on all that you achieved during your time with us and how far you have come.

Although we are not together in person this year, you should take some time to celebrate and thank all of those who have supported you, personally and academically, during your journey.


Grad Profile:A future in AI research
Dalhousie Bachelor of Computer Science grad, Nick Mead

During his Bachelor of Computer Science, Nick Meade took the opportunity to engage with some of the varied research taking place in the Faculty of Computer Science. As he graduates, this experience has helped him to land a spot in one of Canada’s most prestigious artificial intelligence (AI) research institutes.

In September, Nick will join a master’s program at McGill University and Mila, formerly the Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms. Founded by Yoshua Bengio, a Turing award winner and one of the founders of deep learning, Mila is recognized globally as a leader in the advancement of research and innovation in AI. 
Read Nick's full grad profile.


Grad Profile: Creating community for women in tech

When Genny Centeno Metri began an undergraduate degree in software engineering in her home city of Merida, Mexico, she couldn’t help but ask, “Where are all the women? Am I in the right classroom?”

Inspired by her introduction to computer science education, Genny wanted to do something to make a difference and narrow the gender gap in technology. As she graduates from the Master of Applied Computer Science, she can certainly say that she’s succeeded. 
Read Genny's full grad profile.


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