Tech Support


For technical support contact:

Any and all requests for technical assistance must be directed through this email address. Emailing enters you into a ticket queue so that we can process your request in as complete and timely a manner as we can. Tech Support cannot guarantee a timely response to requests not sent through

Technical Support is responsible for providing computing services, including hardware, software and support, to the Faculty. To assist in this, they provide a Help Desk on the first floor of the Goldberg Computer Science Building

Anyone experiencing a problem should approach the Help Desk first to see if they can solve it. If they can not, they will refer you to one of the Technical Support staff to have to resolved. As Technical Support is very busy, please try to approach Help Desk first as you will be served more promptly.

This group is responsible for a number of items, including:

  • systems administration of all Faculty servers and workstations
  • efficient short and long-term planning of all Faculty computing resources
  • development of policies regarding equipment usage
  • documentation of all policies, services and equipment
  • staffing, training and supervising both the Help Desk and Learning Centre

The Faculty of Computer Science provides excellent facilities to support both education and research. The Faculty is committed to supporting education by increasing the amount of equipment available to students taking courses, as well as by upgrading and replacing the current facilities.