Bachelor of Computer Science

Entrance Scholarship

Value: $5000 with multiple awards each year
Program: Bachelor of Computer Science in the Faculty of Computer Science
Eligibility: Entrance directly from high school

The capacity to design and build great software is a key component in a computer science degree. This scholarship is a way for us to recognize students who have already begun to develop their software development skills.

Have you:

  • Written a game, app, or program?
  • Competed in any programming competitions or hackathons?
  • Blogged on events within the ICT industry?
  • Taught someone else how to code?

This first year entrance scholarship is available for high school students with a passion for programming and software development.

Examples for demonstrating this passion might include:

  • Development of your own software projects
  • Contributions to software projects
  • Participation in Hackathons
  • Blogging on various topics in computer science and/or the ICT industry
  • Teaching others how to code or use computers
  • Participation in mathematic and programming competitions
  • Attendance at conferences, symposiums, and/or user groups

We expect that winners of this scholarship may be interested in pursuing our accelerated CS1/CS2 course, pursuing summer research internships in our labs focused on Games and Graphics, Mobile Applications, Networks and Security, Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning, and/or exploring start-up activities in our pre-incubation entrepreneurial sandbox, ShiftKey Labs.

How to apply:

Applications are now closed.