Bachelor of Computer Science

Entrance Scholarship

Value: $5000 with multiple awards each year
Program: Bachelor of Computer Science in the Faculty of Computer Science
Eligibility: Entrance directly from high school

The capacity to design and build great software is a key component in a computer science degree. This scholarship is a way for us to recognize students who have already begun to develop their software development skills.

Have you:

  • Written a game, app, or program?
  • Competed in any programming competitions or hackathons?
  • Blogged on events within the ICT industry?
  • Taught someone else how to code?

This first year entrance scholarship is available for high school students with a passion for programming and software development.

Examples for demonstrating this passion might include:

  • Development of your own software projects
  • Contributions to software projects
  • Participation in Hackathons
  • Blogging on various topics in computer science and/or the ICT industry
  • Teaching others how to code or use computers
  • Participation in mathematic and programming competitions
  • Attendance at conferences, symposiums, and/or user groups

We expect that winners of this scholarship may be interested in pursuing our accelerated CS1/CS2 course, pursuing summer research internships in our labs focused on Games and Graphics, Mobile Applications, Networks and Security, Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning, and/or exploring start-up activities in our pre-incubation entrepreneurial sandbox, ShiftKey Labs.

The Program

The Bachelor of Computer Science at Dalhousie University is an intensive program of study created to graduate exceptional designers and builders of new software technologies. Students - many of whom have never coded before - not only develop great programming skills, but also master core software design concepts that allow them to flourish in an ever-changing technological landscape. Courses in software development, algorithms, networking, cloud and web computing, databases, graphics, machine learning, and user interface design allow students to develop areas of specialized expertise.

The co-op education program integrates academic study with relevant, paid work experience. It gives students the opportunity to apply what they have learned in class to real-world work environments, then apply what they have learned at work back to the classroom, while earning approximately $10,000 per work term.

To apply:

Submit a 1-page essay or a 1-3 minute video to describing what you’ve done to merit this award. Feel free to complement your essay or video with links to your projects, competitions, and organizations that you are involved with. 

Deadline to apply: March 1st