Bachelor of Applied Computer Science

Entrance Scholarship

Value: $5000 with multiple awards each year

Program: Bachelor of Applied Computer Science in the Faculty of Computer Science
Eligibility: Entrance directly from high school

Information technology is transforming modern business, accelerating discovery in science, revolutionizing medicine, and expanding the reach of social enterprises. What an organization can achieve today often depends on their ability to use technology in new and innovative ways to transform how they operate and to empower their people.

Have you shown leadership in:

  • Using technology to effect organizational or social change?
  • Empowering a group of peers by using technology?
  • Solving a problem for a group/organization using technology?
  • Writing a business case for an IT project?
  • Managing a software or development project?
  • Figuring out how technology could help an organization do great things?

This first year entrance scholarship is available for high school students with a passion for leadership through technology, project organization, teamwork and software development.

Examples to demonstrate this passion might include:

  • Development of a website or database for an organization
  • Using social media to promote a cause
  • Using social media to effect social change
  • Leadership empowered by a command of technology
  • Participation in groups working with technology
  • Blogging on various topics in the ICT industry
  • Teaching others how to solve problems using technology

The Program

The Bachelor of Applied Computer Science degree at Dalhousie University is an applied program of study created to graduate leaders with a deep understanding of how to develop, manage, and deploy technology to empower organizations to achieve their goals. Students - many of whom have never coded before - not only develop programming skills, but also learn how to design, manage and deploy complex technologies within organizations. Courses in web systems, project management, computer networks, software engineering, databases, data warehousing and analytics, business, and management information systems give students the skills to analyze problems, manage and lead teams to solve them, and communicate the solutions back to the wider organization.

At the heart of the Bachelor of Applied Computer Science degree is a sequence of practicum courses in which integrated teams consisting of students from years 2-4 work together on large-scale projects to solve real problems posed by non-profit and industry partners. Students learn by doing and experiencing different team roles that are critical to the success of real-world software projects. In addition to technical skills, students develop the people, communication, and management skills that are critical to success.

The co-op education program integrates academic study with relevant, paid work experience. Students apply what they have learned in class to real-world work environments, then apply what they have learned at work back to the classroom, while earning approximately $10,000 per work term.

To apply:

Submit a 1-page essay or a 1-3 minute video describing what you’ve done to merit this award. Feel free to compliment your essay or video with links to your projects, competitions, and organizations that you are involved with. 

Applications are now closed.