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Our current students are the experts on learning and living at Dal. If you're looking for advice and  information about what to expect in the classroom, on campus and in the community, you can contact one of our student ambassadors.

Brandon Poole


Degree: Bachelor of Computer Science (Co-op)
Year: Second Year
Hometown: Mount Uniacke, Nova Scotia
Pronouns: He, him

My route into computer science was fairly direct; I always knew I wanted to work with machines. What I never expected was to find myself so immersed in the vibrant community that is the Faculty of Computer Science at Dalhousie. The faculty hosts its own orientation, events, and has services specifically for computer science students. To be honest, sometimes I forget to go home.

My goal now is to help preserve what an amazing experience the students get here. I’ve joined the executive of the Computer Science Society to make the necessary connections, and to get a feel for what’s possible. If you asked me what I’ve found out, I’d tell you that I haven’t reached a limit yet. Whenever I ask if something is possible, I find myself supplied with the right people and tools to get it done. Whether it be group work, solo achieving, sleeping in the Learning Centre, or chatting it up with professors and staff, I always feel right at home.

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Keerthana Kumar


Degree: Bachelor of Computer Science (Co-op) 
Year: Third Year
Hometown: Doha, Qatar

I am excited to meet new students and to be able to help anyone who wants to know more about the computer science program. I have had 2 co-op terms so if you have any questions I would be happy to explain what a typical co-op term would consist of. I transferred from Qatar in 2014. Since then I have been involved with the Women in Tech society (WiTS) as a marketing and public relations representative, and also am a Microsoft Student Partner (MSP). My field of interest is in artificial intelligence and machine learning. I am passionate about equality within the STEM industry, teaching young kids, especially teaching young girls coding. 

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Mimi Cahill


Degree: Bachelor of Informatics - Software Systems (Co-op Program)
Year: Third Year
Hometown: Halifax, Nova Scotia

I'm excited to meet other students and would be happy to help you find the resources, people or events you might be interested in. I've been on two co-op terms so far and can tell you what you might expect by taking the co-op program.

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