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Dalhousie Computer Science Graduate Society (CSGS)


CSGS’s mission is to work towards an inclusive and welcoming environment at the Faculty by coordinating and promoting activities that help advance the interest of Computer Science graduate students, and presenting a unified voice for its membership in discussions both inside and outside Dalhousie University, particularly when such discussions may affect the Society’s membership.

How to get involved:

Any graduate student enrolled within the Faculty of Computer Science is part of the Society’s membership, they are eligible to nominate themselves or a fellow CS grad to a CSGS Council position, and are free contact any Council member or attend any of CSGS’ Council meetings and events which is great for grad students who are considering being involved with CSGS but would like meet Council members or get more information about the Society and what it involves.

Even graduate students from other faculties, who are taking a graduate course offered by the Faculty of Computer Science, can become involved in CSGS by becoming honorary members of the Society.

Getting involved with CSGS provides a great opportunity for CS grads to work with a great group of graduate students towards improving the grad work environment at FCS. As a council member you get lots of opportunities to network and develop inter-personal skills, and also get to work with other societies and committees at FCS such as the Computer Science Society, the Women in Technology Society, and the Culture of Respect in Computer Science Committee, as well as external organizations and companies.

2017/2018 Council


  • President: Gabriella Mosquera
  • Vice President Internal: Vacant
  • Vice President External: Raphael Bronfman-Nadas
  • Treasurer: Trishla Shah
  • Secretary: Asha Kamesh


  • PhD Representative: Elham Etemad
  • MCS Representative: Mohammad Etemad 
  • MACS Representative: Choudhury Saadmaan Mahmid
  • MEC Representative: Roberto Abarca
  • MHI Representative: Marwan Abouelela
  • Member at Large: Fateha Khanam Bappee
  • Faculty Representative: Dr. Raghav Sampangi

Council Duties


The President
The President of the society not only acts as Chair to the CSGS Council and Head of the Executive but is also responsible facilitating the creation of an annual vision for the Society, acting as ex-officio member in all committees of the Society, overseeing the Society’s operations, managing meeting minutes, and representing the Society as the head of the Executive both within the Faculty of Computer Science and to external Faculties and organizations. During election time, the President acts as the Election Chair (unless they are considering running for that election) and helps during the transition period following an election. During ratification time, the President oversees that all ratification requirements are met and facilitates the Society’s ratification in collaboration with the VP-External.

The Vice-President Internal
The VP-Internal’s main roll is to act as a liaison between the Faculty of Computer Science and the CSGS membership, they sit on the Dean's Executive, the Faculty Council, the Graduate Committee, and other Faculty of Computer Science committees as the Graduate Student Representative for Computer Science in order to deal with internal matters faced by the Society (e.g., courses, faculty, curriculum). The VP-Internal also works with Program Representatives when matters up for discussion at a committee are pertinent to their respective constituents.

The Vice-President External
The VP-External’s acts as the go-between with the Dalhousie University Computer Science Society and all organizations external to the Faculty of Computer Science (e.g., DSU, DAGS, and their respective committees), and helps deal with all external Society issues including non-campus activities, and community service. The VP-External also facilitates the Society’s ratification in collaboration with the President.

The Treasurer
The CSGS Treasurer is responsible for maintaining up-to-date and accurate records of all revenues and expenditures within the Society, giving a monthly statement of accounts, and providing a report each semester showing the financial position of the Council. During election time, the Treasurer also prepares and presents a year-end report, which includes a proposed budget for the upcoming year. During the transition period following an election, the outgoing Treasurer presents their year-end report, and provides guidance and training to the incoming Treasurer. Additionally, the Treasurer is also responsible for maintaining an up-to-date detailed budget book which outlines all accounting procedures used in the society, and includes all the necessary materials for Audits carried by the Dalhousie Association of Graduate Students.

The Secretary
The CSGS Secretary is responsible for recording and distributing Council and Executive meeting minutes, communicating all motions to members of the Society, and coordinating all of CSGS’ publicity and communication channels.


The CSGS Council also counts with representation for each graduate program at FCS. The PhD, MCS, MACS, MHI, and MEC Program Representatives represent their respective student bodies at Council meetings and Faculty committee meetings, inform the Council and their constituents of meeting procedures, and contribute to CSGS Council meetings by voicing any ideas, comments, suggestions or complaints that their constituents may have. Finally, the Member-At-Large represents the Graduate Student body at the Faculty of Computer Science as a whole.

PhD Rep