Request(s) for academic accommodation

"Dalhousie University recognizes the diversity of its students and is committed to providing a learning environment and community in which students are able to participate without discrimination on grounds prohibited by the Nova Scotia Human Rights Act. In particular, the University is committed to facilitating students' access to the University's academic programs, activities, facilities and services." – Accommodation Policy for Students.

Students requiring academic accommodation while attending courses at the College of Continuing Education are required to make requests for accommodation under Dalhousie University’s Accommodation Policy for Students. Students are responsible for making requests for academic accommodation (related to classroom participation, the writing of tests and examinations and/or class evaluation, etc.) well in advance of the course for which accommodation is requested.

Students should complete a Request for Accommodation form and make an appointment with an Accessibility Advisor at:

Student Accessibility Centre
Room G28 – 6225 University Avenue
Phone: 902-494-2836
Fax: 902-494-6797

For more information: