Grammar Tune‑up ‑ 100% Online

Worries about making “grammar mistakes” can slow down your writing process and cramp your personal writing style. This course will enable you to gain control over grammar and punctuation so you can be confident that you’re expressing yourself correctly and clearly.

What You Will Learn

By the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Describe the structural elements of a sentence and how they work together to create meaning
  • Recognize and correct common “glitches” in sentences (issues involving grammar, punctuation, mechanics, and usage)
  • Develop a process for effectively editing your own writing

How the Course Works

  • Before the course, you’ll submit a 250-word writing sample for assessment.
  • Each week during the course, you’ll complete a variety of interactive online learning activities and writing exercises. You’ll also join in conversations with other participants via discussion forums.
  • Twice during the course, you’ll connect with other participants and the course coach during a live virtual coaching session.
  • Following the course, you’ll submit another 250-word writing sample for assessment.