The courses are intended to be taken in sequence. Students who have not completed Risk Assessment should not register in Risk Control or Risk Financing without prior approval of Dalhousie.

Risk Management Principles and Practices
This course is the prerequisite to the other courses
This course focuses on the principles and practices of risk management and understanding hazard risk, operational, financial, and strategic risk concepts. It provides an overview of how to identify, analyze, and treat risks. The course outlines the risk management process and framework and techniques for monitoring and reporting on risk.

Risk Assessment and Treatment
This course focuses on risk assessment and treatment. It focuses on theories of accident causation, root cause analysis, discusses the application of various strategies for treating risks and how to motivate risk treatment within an organization.

Risk Financing - NOW ONLINE
Risk financing includes the selection, implementation and monitoring of risk financing techniques, including: insurance, self-insurance, captives, finite and integrated risk, and capital market options. Subjects discussed include: allocating hazard risk financing costs, transferring financial risks via contractual arrangements, insurance regulation, and types of insurance.

Stand-Alone Seminars

Enterprise Risk Management Essentials
Risk management has become part of appropriate corporate governance and organizational decision making. Enterprise risk management, its processes, and framework, have been implemented throughout many organizations.

Insurance Bootcamp - Insurance Essentials for Non-Insurance Professionals
Business insurance is an essential component of controlling risk at any organization. De-mystifying insurance can assist organizations in using insurance more strategically, and optimizing its benefits.