N.E. (Bill) Battikha, P.Eng., is a registered Professional Engineer with over 30 years of experience in the field of Process Instrumentation and Control, working mainly in Canada and the USA . He holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. He generated and conducted Instrumentation and Control training courses for over 10 years at many universities and at the ISA.

Bill co-authored a patent and has written three books on Instrumentation and Controls, all published by the ISA, with the last book being an ISA best-seller. Bill is also a member of many ISA committees generating new standards. He has presented papers at many international conferences and has written numerous articles for major technical magazines.

Bill's engineering activities cover the development of engineering standards and the generation of control philosophies and functional specifications. He designed complete control systems, guided and inspected the work of engineering consultants, monitored contractors on-site, and personally carried on plant commissioning and start-up. Bill assisted plants in resolving and troubleshooting difficult problems from conceptual engineering to maintenance. He also performed plant audits and assisted construction and maintenance personnel in resolving difficult technical issues. Bill implemented control systems using microcomputers, programmable controllers, DCSs, and analog instrumentation. Bill is the President of BergoTech Inc. - a firm specializing in on-line Engineering courses.