Process Instrumentation and Control

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Measurement and control is the brain and nervous system of any modern plant. Measurement and control systems monitor and regulate processes that otherwise would be difficult to operate efficiently and safely while meeting the requirements for high quality and low cost.

Process Instrumentation and Control (also known as Process Measurement and Control, Process Automation or just Instrumentation) is needed in modern industrial processes for a business to remain profitable. It improves product quality, reduces plant emissions, minimizes human error, and reduces operating costs among many other benefits.

Our Process Instrumentation and Control (I&C) courses and Certificate Program are intended for those who would like to learn about the field in a condensed time frame and from a practical perspective. They would also be very beneficial for those who would need to communicate more effectively with I&C personnel. The courses are designed to provide attendees with sufficient knowledge to transition into the field of I&C and are applicable to both technical and supervisory personnel.

Certificate Program