Module I: Process Industries

Wednesday evenings 7:00 – 8:00 p.m. EST.

1 - Process Industries

What is this Course About?
Process Industries vs. Manufacturing Industries (Oil & Gas, Water & Wastewater, Food, Mineral Processing etc.)

2 - Process Industry Elements

Plant Elements: Equipment, Utility Generation & Network
     A - Equipment
Fluid Conductors: Pipes, Tubes, Ducts
Fluid Movers: Pumps and Compressors
Containers: Tanks, Vessels
Heat Exchange Equipment: Heat Exchangers, Furnaces
Unit Operations and Unit Processes: Reactors, Separators, etc.
     B - Utilities
Different Utilities in Plants
Utility Distribution and Collection Networks

3 - Process Engineering Concepts & Calculations

Different Material Phases: Solid, Liquid and Gas
Fluid properties
Physical Operations vs. Chemical Processes
Flow of fluid in pipes
Hydraulic Calculations
Pipe Pressure Drop Calculations
Control Valve Hydraulic Calculations
PSV Hydraulic Calculations
Gas or compressible flow

4 - Process Discipline Deliverables (Relevant to Control Practitioners)

BFD (Block Flow Diagram)
PFD (Process Flow Diagram)
P&ID (Piping & Instrumentation Diagram)
H&MB Table (Heat & Material Balance)
Process design criteria and process design basis
Equipment Datasheets (Process Inputs)
Process Description
Process Control Narrative
Cause and Effect table (Process Input)

5 – Understanding P&IDs

Different Types of P&IDs
Anatomy of a P&ID Sheet
Parties Involved in P&ID Development
Different P&ID Milestones: IFR, IFA, IFD, IFC, As-built, Debottlenecking
Fluid Movers
Heat Exchangers
Pressure Safety Devices
Insulation & Tracing