Transfer Credits

Transferring certificate courses to degree programs

Dalhousie University’s Certificate in Police Leadership Program can be a stepping stone for those who want to go on to earn a university degree. Many students enjoy the career applicability and practicality of the Dalhousie Police Leadership courses, which are difficult to find in other university programs. These courses are written and instructed by some of the leading practitioners in the law-enforcement field. Past students have credited promotional success with their studies in this program and felt that the courses were written directly for them.

Taking a certificate program gives you a credential much faster than a degree program as there are less courses to take. It make sense to take courses with this direct career applicability, get a credential relatively quickly, then if desired roll those credits over into a related degree program. Certificate in Police Leadership students have the opportunity to acquire degree credit towards Athabasca University’s Bachelor of Professional Studies in Criminal Justice.

Please see the charts below for equivalencies granted.

Athabasa University

CPL Course Number of Degree Credits Granted Equivalency in the BPA, Criminal Justice Program
Police Leadership and Management Development 1/2 credit CRJS 3rd year elective
Legal Issues in Policing 1/2 credit CRJS 3rd year elective
Policing and the Law of Human Rights 1/2 credit CRJS 3rd year elective
Ethics for Police Leaders 1/2 credit CRJS 3rd year elective
Managing Police Performance: Coaching Skills 1/2 credit CRJS 4th year elective
Communication Skills for Police Personnel * see note below CRJS 2nd year elective
Budgeting and Financial Management for Police Services 1/2 credit GOVN 3xx (3)
Strategic Human Resource Management for Police Organizations 1/2 credit HRMT 386 (3)
Policing the Modern Community 1/2 credit CRJS 3rd year elective
Strategic Policing 1/2 credit CRJS 3rd year elective
Understanding and Responding to Global and Domestic Terrorism: A Social Science Perspective (POLC0022)
1/2 credit SOSC 2xx (3)
Advanced Police Leadership 1/2 credit CRJS 487 Independent
Problem-Oriented Policing (no longer offered) These 2 courses combined equal 1/2 credit CRJS 350 Community Policing
Community-Based Policing (no longer offered)

* This course may be used by individuals who don't have the required diploma, and are using the PLA matrix to enter the program. If you have any questions about applying our courses towards the BPA, Criminal Justice please contact Athabasca University.

Information may also be obtained by visiting the Transfer Credit Services  listing on Athabasca University's website: