Textbook Purchases

Texts can be ordered through the College using one of the order forms below. Students are also welcome to get their textbooks from a previous student or online through a site such as Amazon or E-Bay.

ISBN numbers are included on the order forms so you can search for a second hand copy of the same edition if you wish. It is important to have your text when the course begins so you can keep ahead of the reading required. If you order from us within two weeks of the course start date you will have your text on time. If you order later, chances are that you will still receive it on time depending on where you are in Canada since we will use a courier service if needed. Please note: texts being sent outside of Canada cannot be guaranteed delivery as quickly so please try to order early. Not having a textbook is not an excuse for not completing an assignment on time.

There will be no refunds on text returns for any reason.

Courses that you will need text(s) for are listed below. Please download the order form you need.