Registration and Fees

To register, complete the applicable online registration form, and submit it. Course tuition fees are listed below. Please note that students from outside of Canada must add $125.00 to these fees and should register by the early registration discount deadline. Course start dates and early registration discount deadlines can be found on the online registration form below:

**Some courses will require text(s). Order forms can be found under Textbook Purchases on the right side of the screen.

Course Name Tuition Fee Early Registration Fee
**Advanced Police Leadership $995 N/A
Budgeting and Financial Management for Police Services $900 $850
Child Soldiers and at-Risk Youth $900 $850
Communication Skills for Police Personnel $900 $850
**Ethics for Police Leaders $900 $850
Legal Issues in Policing $900 $850
Managing Police Performance: Coaching Skills for Police Supervisors Workshop
$995 N/A
**Police Leadership and Management Development $900 $850
**Policing and the Law of Human Rights $900 $850
**Policing the Modern Community $900 $850
Strategic Human Resource Management for Police Organizations $900 $850
**Strategic Management Through Evidence-Based Policing $900 $850
Understanding and Responding to Global and Domestic Terrorism: A Social Science Perspective $900 $850

Time commitments

The academic year of the Certificate in Police Leadership primarily runs on a schedule of two study terms, with an occasional spring term offered. Each course lasts for one study term and is conducted entirely online (with the exception of our Managing Police Performance: Coaching Skills for Police Supervisors workshop which begins with a 3-day onsite workshop).

Students who live in remote locations should not be concerned about having access to libraries. Supplementary information is not required for most courses, and if any additional research is required, students should be able to find information within their respective police organization, on the internet, or by accessing the Dalhousie University library remotely.

Our Managing Police Performance: Coaching Skills for Police Supervisors workshops will be held at various times and locations throughout the year. Please contact the Program Director to find out when one will be held near you.

Many online courses will require participation in on-line asynchronous discussions, in addition to submitting individual and perhaps group assignments. You should plan to spend at least 6-12 hours a week on your course. Some students can spend more than this, particularly in our legal courses.

There are no final exams for any of our courses. Assessments are based on discussion forums and written essay-based assignments.

We recommend that students take as many courses as possible in order to round out their leadership/management skills; however, each course stands on its own and can be taken exclusive of the total certificate program. Please consult with the Program Director if you have questions.