Policies and Procedures

Transfer credit equivalency


In some cases, students who have taken courses from other educational institutions may have this work counted towards the Advanced Certificate in Police Leadership. However, the following criteria must be met:

  • The course must have been taken from a recognised post-secondary education institution.
  • The course must have been completed within 10 years of application.
  • A mark of 70% or B or better must have been received in the course. An official transcript of marks will be required.
  • The course must be equivalent in content as well as difficulty to the course for which credit is sought at the discretion of the Program Director.
  • Application for transfer credit/equivalency must be made in writing to the Program Director.

Results of Transfer Credit

If credit is granted, this will give the student advanced standing towards the Advanced Police Leadership course only. It will not be counted as a credit towards a ‘concentration’ certificate. Students would still be required to complete a minimum of four courses in the program, while maintaining at least a 78% average, to qualify for admittance into the Advanced Police Leadership course.

Challenge Exams

Where the above stipulations cannot be met, students in some cases may apply to write a challenge exam. If the student wishes to review the course materials a deposit is required, which will be refunded upon return of the course materials. This fee varies depending on the course. A $250 fee for the exam is payable in advance, and students are required to arrange for invigilation. Please contact the Program Director for a form.

If there is a post-secondary institution, college/consortium located in your area invigilation arrangements should be made there. If not, then consider the town office or a local school. Persons who are appropriate to act as an invigilator are: your supervisor, a schoolteacher or principal, an administrator, doctor, or lawyer. Some institutions may charge a fee for invigilation. Students are responsible for any costs that may be associated with this service.

Registration, withdrawal and refunds

Withdrawing from an Online Course

Registrations will not be held without advance payment arrangements. An 80% refund will be issued if a student withdraws at least ten business days in advance of the course start date. If notification of withdrawal is received less than ten business days before the start date, the student will receive a 50% refund. There will be no refund for withdrawals that take place after the course start date. All withdrawals must be in writing and sent to the attention of the Program Director. Non submission of assignments does not constitute a withdrawal.

Students' fees must be paid in full before they are permitted to:

  1. enroll in additional courses.
  2. graduate.
  3. receive their certificates, tax receipts, and final transcripts.


Students who withdraw under extenuating circumstances, may have the option of deferring the course to the next immediate term for a discounted tuition fee of 50%. A student may only defer for a discounted rate once per course. Any ensuing withdrawals will require that the student pay full rate upon re-enrolling. All requests for deferrals must be made in writing to the Program Director at the time of withdrawal from a particular course in the Police Leadership Program. All such requests are subject to the approval of the College, and are not guaranteed.

Withdrawing from a Managing Police Performance: Coaching Skills workshop

If you withdraw from a workshop, there will be a full refund less a $100 administrative fee, provided we receive notification in writing at least 10 business days in advance of the workshop start date. Withdrawals that take place less than 10 business days in advance of the start date will be subject to a $150 administrative fee. Participant substitutions can be made one or more days in advance for a $50 administrative fee. No refunds will be given for withdrawals less than five days before the workshop start date.

Active status

You are required to participate and complete a minimum of one course per calendar year. Students failing to maintain active status in the program risk the possibility of being subject to new program requirements in order to complete the program.

Transcripts, certificates and tax Receipts


One transcript is provided at no charge 6-8 weeks after course completion; for other transcripts there is a charge of $25 each. Transcripts will be sent by regular mail. Please make all requests for transcripts in writing to the Program Director, including the address to where they are to be sent.


One certificate is provided to students upon the successful completion of a course or program of study. These are sent 6-8 weeks after course completion.

Replacement certificates may be purchased from the College of Continuing Education at a cost of $25.00, and will be sent by regular mail. Please make all requests in writing to the Program Director.

The reprinting of certificates that are dated more than a year earlier cannot be guaranteed.

Tax Receipts

A student may be able to claim a tuition tax credit, which is a non-refundable tax credit, when preparing his or her income tax return. The purpose of the tuition tax credit is to allow students to reduce their income taxes by taking tinto account tuition fees for certain types of education.

One official income tax receipt is provided to students who have completed a course of study with us. These are sent out in February. Replacement tax receipts may be purchased for a cost of $25.00. Please make all requests in writing to the Program Director.