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Strategic Policing

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Strategic Policing is a process of enhancing the effectiveness of conventional police service delivery, by using the latest information and analysis techniques to develop and target innovative, directed police response to community policing problems.

Based on an understanding of modern community policing, this course develops detailed strategic approaches to delivering police services in the community. Using the latest research findings, case studies and international experience, former Calgary police officer and retired Chief of Moose Jaw Police Service, course author Terry Coleman provides students with state of the art thinking and experience on the innovative policing strategies that are at the leading edge of modern community policing.

Key Learnings

After successfully completing this course, students will be able to:

  • understand police organizations as systems;
  • understand what is meant by a strategic approach to policing;
  • understand the value of crime and disorder information, analysis, and intelligence to effective policing;
  • explain and apply intelligence-led policing as one strategic approach to achieving safe communities;
  • explain and apply SARA as another, or complementary, strategic approach to solving community problems;
  • explain and apply alternative strategies and tactics to the traditional methods of policing;
  • understand the value of partnerships with agencies, groups, or individuals for the purpose of implementing and sustaining client/customer focused policing;
  • understand the importance of measuring performance as an accountability and decision-making tool in the quest for continuous improvement; and
  • better understand your role now and/or in the future as a leader and manager of your police organization.

Strategic Policing is my first course [in the Police Leadership Program]. I found that it provided me with a broad understanding of current concepts in strategic management for police services. In particular it provided me with the fundamentals to be able to understand the purpose of the RCMP's Mission, Vision and Values and why the RCMP is implementing performance-management. In addition to anyone interested in understanding the role and importance of Intelligence and Analysis within policing, I strongly recommend this course to anyone seeking to understand or implement strategic management within his or her police service or who is concerned with principles of effective policing. This course positions Problem Oriented Policing and Intelligence Led Policing, along with Analysis, within a contemporary policing framework that makes sense for the delivery of front line policing."

Cst. Ken Smith, RCMP, Yarmouth Detachment, NS