Communication Skills for Police Personnel

Winter Dates
January 29 - May 14, 2019


The course focuses sharply on the special problems police officers encounter as they endeavour to achieve the increasingly complex goals of a manager within a law enforcement agency. It does this by offering practical, “how-to” ways of improving oral and written communication skills; this includes participative listening, giving feedback, and clarifying and checking information received from others. Whether writing memos/emails, talking to the members of the community or making a presentation to the Police Commission, effective communication makes the job easier and leaves a lasting impression with others.

Key learnings

  • Improve questioning and feedback skills to enhance two-way communication.
  • Develop the skills for team communication, including setting (and selling) goals and objectives.
  • Understand the necessity for, and the ways and means of improving the writing skills of members.
  • Apply the elements of good writing to letters, memos and reports.
  • Apply a system of communication that prevents communication drop-outs and misunderstandings.
  • Develop strategies for preserving good media relations.
  • Effectively communicate one-to-one or with groups of people

The Communication Skills for Police Personnel course was "an incredible and challenging course that allowed me to improve my report-writing skills as well as my way of communicating with our clients. I would recommend this course to anyone with the objective of becoming a supervisor or in the process of being promoted."

Cst. Melanie Laroche, RCMP, Red Deer City, AB