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Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Certificate Program

Negotiation and conflict management are crucial skills both inside and outside of work. They are vital for everything from negotiating agreements, negotiating commitment to carry out agreements and changing agreements that are no longer optimal. In addition, leaders, managers, and supervisors spend significant amounts of their day resolving conflicts, mediating disputes and negotiating with others. Our six-day Certificate in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution will help you to more effectively deal with complex situations while improving relationships and working toward optimal rather than sub-optimal solutions.

Who Should Attend

Anyone who wants to develop more effective and applied negotiation and conflict resolution skills would benefit from this program.

  • Managers and supervisors
  • Team leaders and team members
  • HR professionals
  • Project managers
  • Those who work with internal and/or external clients

Certificate Requirements

To fulfill the requirements of the Certificate in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution, participants must complete the three courses listed below. In addition to the three courses, there are additional pre and post program assignments that must be completed. Participants will be required to demonstrate an understanding of the certificate key areas of knowledge and the application of that knowledge to increase transfer to the workplace. The graduates of our certificate program must demonstrate both a deeper understanding and application of the course materials and body of knowledge than would be required by just attending the courses. The requirements for the certificate will include additional reading and the writing of a brief paper on how the participants will apply what they have read and learned in their personal and professional lives, plus submit completed copies of the master negotiator's preparation form.

Required Courses

Save $145! Register and pay $3095 for all three courses in advance at the same time. Contact Gena Walsh, Registrar, at 902-494-6079.

Reference Material Included

The following book is included with your registration fee:

The Seven Strategies of Master Negotiators: Featuring real-life insights from Canada’s top negotiators by Dr. Brad McRae.

Difficult Conversations: How to Discuss What Matters Most, by Douglas stone, Bruce Patton, Sheila Heen and Roger Fisher.


Brad McRae is the Director of the Atlantic Leadership Development Institute in Halifax, Nova Scotia and Kingston, Jamaica. Brad has a doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of British Columbia and a baccalaureate and master's degree from California State University. He is a registered psychologist, consultant and best-selling author. He was trained in negotiating skills at the Project on Negotiation at Harvard University and in Leadership at the Harvard Business School and Decision Making at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. In addition, Brad learned career development skills from Richard Bolles.

He has taught at the British Columbia Institute of Technology in Vancouver, at Carleton University in Ottawa and at Saint Mary's University and Dalhousie University in Halifax. He was also a subject matter expert in negotiating and influencing skills at the Pearson International Peacekeeping Centre. Brad gives over 100 presentations a year and has lectured across Canada and in the United States, Australia, Mexico, Africa, England and the Caribbean.

He is also the author of ten books: How to Write A Thesis and Keep Your Sanity; How To Study For Comprehensive Exams and Keep Your Sanity; Practical Time Management: How to Get More Done in Less Time; Envisioning Your Perfect Career; Negotiating and Influencing Skills: The Art of Creating and Claiming Value; The Seven Strategies of Master Negotiators, The Seven Strategies of Master Presenters, From our Grandmother's Lap: Lessons for a Lifetime, and The Seven Strategies of Master Leaders: Featuring Key Insights from 32 of Canada's Top Leaders. Brad is also the editor of The Atlantic Leadership Development Institute Newsletter.

The lead facilitator/Instructor for Resolving Workplace Conflict and for Mediation: Breaking the Impasse will be announced in the coming months.

Certificate Program Application

To apply to this certificate program, please use our online application form.