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Manufacturing ‑ Intermediate Aspects (Module II)

This is the second module in the Manufacturing Practitioner Certificate Program. It is 100% Online.

Course Outline

Session 1

Introduction and module overview
Materials management

Session 2

Process control fundamentals
i.    Processes and methods
ii.    Process flow
iii.    Critical parameters

Session 3

Advanced process control
iv.    Statistical control
v.    Process performance
vi.    Improvement methods

Session 4

Quality control
vii.    Inspection and testing
viii.    Calibration
ix.    Non-conformance

Session 5

How to handle non-conformance
x.    Material Review Board (MRB)
xi.    Stop shipment and/or recall
xii.    Cost of quality
xiii.    Corrective and preventive actions
xiv.    Audit
xv.    Management review

Exam Module 2