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Maintenance Planning and Scheduling ‑ 100% Online

Upcoming Dates

January 24 - March 7, 2018
January 23 - March 6, 2019

The fee for each module is $1195.00


Save $290! Register and pay $3295 for the entire Certificate in advance.


The purchase of books required for each module will be the responsibility of individual students.  Books may be purchased online from Amazon, or Chapters.

Module II - Maintenance Planning, Coordinating and Scheduling, Second Edition by Don Nyman and Joel Levitt, published by Industrial Press, NY


Session 1

  • Technical issues
  • Glossary of terms
  • Reality of maintenance, typical day
  • How a planned job goes?
  • Safety
  • Iceberg of costs
  • Preparation for Planning
  • Maintenance Information Flow
  • Job control
  • Backlog
  • How to prioritize work
  • Maintenance Work Order

Session 2

  • Time spent for a planner/scheduler
  • Steps in setting up then running Planning
  • Complete Planner’s check list
  • Planning provides* (Important)
  • Freebee emergency planning
  • Hints for planners from the trenches
  • Complete Planning Package
  • Estimating techniques
  • How to Plan             
  • Planning Exercise explained
  • Detailed Planning Checklist

Session 3

  • Maintenance Calendar
  • Ready Backlog is the key to everything
  • Validate backlog
  • Different work needs different people
  • Develop weekly work program
  • Coordination is a conversation
  • Scheduling makes 13 elements move toward job
  • The way productivity increases
  • Scheduling uncovers problems
  • Post: How does your firm do scheduling?

Session 4                                 

  • Unfinished business with planning and scheduling
    • Questions so far
    • Qualifications
  • Metrics: How to Measure Success
    • Schedule compliance
    • Direct measures of Planning and scheduling
    • Indirect measures of planning and scheduling

Session 5

Session 5 is custom designed with questions from students about their company or experience