Maintenance Planning and Scheduling ‑ 100% Online


The purchase of books required for each module will be the responsibility of individual students.  Books may be purchased online from Amazon, or Chapters.

Module II - Maintenance Planning, Coordinating and Scheduling, Second Edition by Don Nyman and Joel Levitt, published by Industrial Press, NY


Session 1

  • Technical issues
  • Glossary of terms
  • Reality of maintenance, typical day
  • How a planned job goes?
  • Safety
  • Iceberg of costs
  • Preparation for Planning
  • Maintenance Information Flow
  • Job control
  • Backlog
  • How to prioritize work
  • Maintenance Work Order

Session 2

  • Time spent for a planner/scheduler
  • Steps in setting up then running Planning
  • Complete Planner’s check list
  • Planning provides* (Important)
  • Freebee emergency planning
  • Hints for planners from the trenches
  • Complete Planning Package
  • Estimating techniques
  • How to Plan             
  • Planning Exercise explained
  • Detailed Planning Checklist

Session 3

  • Maintenance Calendar
  • Ready Backlog is the key to everything
  • Validate backlog
  • Different work needs different people
  • Develop weekly work program
  • Coordination is a conversation
  • Scheduling makes 13 elements move toward job
  • The way productivity increases
  • Scheduling uncovers problems
  • Post: How does your firm do scheduling?

Session 4                                 

  • Unfinished business with planning and scheduling
    • Questions so far
    • Qualifications
  • Metrics: How to Measure Success
    • Schedule compliance
    • Direct measures of Planning and scheduling
    • Indirect measures of planning and scheduling

Session 5

Session 5 is custom designed with questions from students about their company or experience