Introduction to Maintenance Management ‑ 100% Online


The purchase of books required for each module will be the responsibility of individual students.  Books may be purchased online from Amazon, or Chapters.

Module I - The Handbook of Maintenance Management, Second Edition by Joel Levitt, published by Industrial Press, NY


Session 1

  • 10 Questions to start the process                          
  • Understanding Patterns of how people take care of assets
  • Describe your situation what drives your organization to take care of the assets the way you do

Session 2

  • World Class Maintenance includes a trip around the world to find the best practices for maintenance      
  • Overriding Mission or Vision: getting use of the asset with least long term cost
  • Brief introduction to RCM (Reliability Centered Maintenance)

Session 3

  • PM/PdM (Preventive Maintenance, Predictive Maintenance)                               
  • PF (Performance to Failure) -What does PdM buy you?
  • PdM Checklist
  • PdM summary of technologies
  • PdM details                             
  • Quality in Maintenance
  • Economic Modeling of different maintenance alternatives     
  • Maximize use of the CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System)

Session 4                                 

  • Justify Contracting and outsourcing
  • Parts, Supplies, Inventory and Purchasing                             
  • Introduction to maintenance planning                    
  • Introduction to maintenance scheduling

Session 5

  • Maintenance Ratios                
  • Specialized Maintenance Issues
  • Maintenance Improvement