Student Information

Student supports

Students are never left on their own since their success is our success. Student advising is the first stage of their relationship with our staff. We have advisors who can help students make appropriate academic choices that are consistent with their current needs and career aspirations. Indeed, student support is available at every stage of their program from registration to graduation and all the stages in between. We are also there to make sure that students are comfortable with the technology and to trouble shoot if a problem should arise. We take great pride in our student supports. With a long history in working with adult learners, we know that students thrive in an environment where they are treated as individuals. Accordingly, we use a single window service approach and will work closely with each and every student to ensure that their learning experience is satisfying.

Credit for prior learning

Students can apply for credit for prior learning. For each certificate program, up to two credits may be awarded for prior learning. For credit to be awarded, the course must have comparable curriculum and rigor, been taken from a recognized post secondary institution and completed within the last ten years with a B or equivalent grade awarded. More detail, including a request for transfer credit, is available on the website. In addition, we have established umbrella agreements with professional associations and universities across Canada for transfer credits. Interested individuals are encouraged to contact us to discuss these options.


Overview of course fees:
New student admission fee: $200
Fee per course: $985
Fee for the Executive Certificate in Local Government: $3495

The course fees include materials and instruction. Where a course has a textbook and/or course pack, students are responsible for purchasing them separately at the Dalhousie Bookstore. A current edition may be acquired from a prior student. Detailed ordering instructions will be included in the enrollment confirmation. New students are charged a one-time application fee.

To read the financial policies regarding the payment of fees and penalties, download the Program Regulations [PDF - 273KB]