Certificates and Courses


Associate Certificate in Local Government Administration

An excellent introduction to important functions of a municipality. This Certificate will provide students with a breadth of knowledge to understand legal, financial and governance issues. Many students choose to build on the Associate Certificate by specializing in an area of interest related to their professional development.

You can earn this certificate by completing these three courses:

  1. Local Government
  2. Municipal Law I
  3. Local Government Finance

With 3 more courses and you can specialize in:

Local Government Administration

Our most popular Certificate program provides an in-depth overview of the dynamic world of municipal government. Students can expect to receive both the theoretical groundwork and applied learning to build confidence in their careers.

The three courses are:

  1. Public Administration Professionalism
  2. Organizational Behaviour and Leadership
  3. Property Taxation and Assessment

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National Advanced Certificate in Local Authority Administration

Executive Certificate in Local Government Leadership

Led by Dr. Gordon McIntosh, this 10-12-week program tackles issues of the day impacting senior appointed and elected officials.

Our upcoming offering is the Strategic Alignment Imperative and it will address the post-pandemic challenges facing municipal leaders.

Winter 2021 course details coming soon.

Standalone Courses