National Advanced Certificate in Local Government Authority for Alberta Students

Under a Memorandum of Understanding between the Society of Local Government Managers of Alberta and Dalhousie University, municipal managers in Alberta will now be able to enroll in NACLAA Level I and NACLAA Level II through Dalhousie University. This arrangement between Dalhousie University and the Society of Local Government Managers opens up new opportunities for municipal managers in Alberta. For students currently taking NACLAA courses from another academic institution, completed courses can be transferred and credit given towards the appropriate Dalhousie University NACLAA certificate. Students entering the NACLAA program for the first time or those transferring from another institution will receive their certificate from Dalhousie University. Completion of NACLAA Level I and Level II from Dalhousie University provides the academic component for certification as a Municipal Manager in the Province of Alberta.

Dalhousie University has been serving the professional development needs of local government administrators in Canada for more than fifty years. Our approach has been to work closely with key stakeholder groups, including professional associations, provincial departments responsible for municipal affairs as well as individual learners. This collaborative approach has placed Dalhousie University as one of the leading providers of local government training in Canada. But perhaps what sets us apart is our intent on making the learning experience as smooth and as enjoyable as possible. Our dedicated team recognizes that their job is to provide you with a meaningful learning experience. Our administration and our instructors are entirely student focused. This collaborative approach and student focus also extends to how the NACLAA courses have been developed.

The NACLAA courses are the product of an extensive process that brought together a dedicated team of professionals. This team included senior practitioners, subject matter experts, professional editors and adult educators collaborating to produce the most relevant learning experience for local government administrators in Canada. Accordingly, the certificate offerings are both academically sound and practically relevant and reflect the real and emerging needs of local government in Canada. In addition we seek out and incorporate student feedback as a way of improving the learning experience.

How long does it take?

The certificate in Local Government Administration can be completed in about nine months. It consists of the following six courses:


Local Government
Public Administration Professionalism
Organizational Behaviour and Leadership
Municipal Law I
Local Government Finance

+ 3 electives


Citizen Engagement and Consultation
Municipal Law II
Policy Planning and Program Evaluation
Organizational Design and Management


Human Resource Management
Local Government Accounting
Sustainable Communities
Financial Management
Freedom of Information and Privacy Foundations
Property Taxation and Assessment

This is only a suggested sequence of courses; students can begin the certificate at any of the three terms.