Certificate in Local Government Human Resource Administration

Human resource administration is increasingly being recognized as an important and relevant skill set for the modern local government. The difference between one local government and another can often be attributed to the quality of its human resources. Having a highly competent and energetic staff complement is a key ingredient for success. This does not happen by accident. Designing appropriate jobs, making good hires and developing peak performance is more likely when the municipality has someone dedicated to this effort that has the knowledge, skills and mandate to perform this function.

Learn how to make good hires and develop peak performance in your organization.

How long does it take?

The certificate in Local Government Administration can be completed in under two years. It consists of the following six courses:

Local Government I
Human Resource Management
Municipal Law I
Organizational Behaviour and Leadership
Local Government Finance
Organizational Design and Management

This is only a suggested sequence of courses; students can begin the certificate at any of the three terms. Ā