Leading Meetings with Purpose and Confidence

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Technical professionals spend the majority of their time engaged in two key activities: performing technical work and engaging others in conversations related to the work. Conversations are needed to explore ideas, identify root causes, provide updates, persuade, and more. Whether formally structured or not, each conversation is a meeting that can impact the ability to move the technical work forward. All technical professionals need the skills to do this well.

Most professionals attend over 60 meetings per month, and research indicates that over 50 percent of this is wasted. Some direct effects of unproductive meetings include:

  • Meetings are longer and generate fewer results
  • More meetings are needed to accomplish objectives
  • Employees have less time to get their own work done
  • Information isn't managed properly
  • Participants do not follow-through on their commitments after the meeting
  • Frustration

This workshop is designed to help technical professionals prepare for and conduct effective, efficient small-group meetings related to the performance of technical work. Hands-on practice in small groups will ensure participants are ready to apply new skills at work the next day.


To organize and conduct small meetings with purpose and confidence

Who Should Attend

Technical professionals who meet others one-to-one or in small groups to:

  • Share or get information,
  • Jointly explore and solve problems,
  • Persuade others, and,
  • Need to use time effectively.

Program Outline

Introduction and Overview

  • The trouble with meetings
  • Balancing the need for Technical excellence with Stakeholder acceptance
  • The nature of conflict and negotiation
  • Fundamentals of effective meetings

The Purpose of Meetings

  • Defining your objective
  • Conversations that reach conclusions
  • Designing effective opening statements

Who Needs to be There?

  • Classifying stakeholders
  • Different roles and levels of involvement for different stakeholders

Making Decisions

  • Decision-making methods that alienate stakeholders
  • How to get a decision made so that it stays made

Building an Agenda

  • Sample templates
  • Estimating time

Running the Meeting

  • How to start and end a meeting
  • How to get people to participate
  • How to keep things on track

Ensuring Action

  • Minutes templates
  • Techniques for promoting follow-through

Preventing and Resolving Conflict

  • Positional bargaining vs. principled negotiation
  • Identify and counter negative negotiation strategies - in a positive way