Adaptive Decision Making in a Complex World

One of the dominant themes from our research, is that breakthrough results come about by a series of good decisions, diligently executed and accumulated one on top of another."
                            ─ Jim Collins, author of Good to Great

The Class is Designed for Leaders who:

  • Face important decisions on a daily basis
  • Want to build their own, their teams and their organizations’ decision making capacity
  • Seek a greater impact and satisfaction at work, in their personal life, and in their community
  • Want to teach coach, mentor and supervise other to become more masterful decision makers

The Key Learnings are:

  • Learn how to use seven systematic approaches to effective decision making
  • Develop new techniques and methodologies to make progress
  • Learn where your internal decision making rules work for you and work against you

Adaptive Decision Making in a Complex World is a highly interactive and intensive two day development program based on the Leadership Decision Making Program at Harvard’s Kennedy School. All attendees will learn the Advanced Leadership Decision Making Model and the specific decision making skills and techniques that are guaranteed to help them  become a more effective, thorough, and competent decision maker.

To insure maximum transfer of learning, participants must submit a one-page decision making challenge prior to class. In class, the participants will work on their leadership challenges in small groups. Each group will then further diagnose each person's decision challenge and offer potential solutions and action steps. There is also a rigorous follow-up process with a fully articulated plan of action as participants are paired with a peer coach to insure what they learned is transferred to their workplace.

This is a required course for the Certificate in The Art and Practice of Leadership Development or can be attended as a stand-alone course.


Each participant will receive a copy of Wise Decision Ahead: The Master Decision Makers Handbook by Dr. Brad McRae.

Participant Testimonials

"Exceptionally powerful – A unique opportunity to do an in-depth analysis on my decision-making Style."
– Brad Anguish, Director, Halifax Regional Municipality

"The in class Decision-Making Simulations were unquestionably among the most powerful learning experiences I have experienced. Brad is and excellent instructor and guide."
– David Holt, Editor, OptiMYz Magazine and Columnist/Contributor, Progress Magazine

"Brad, the leadership and decision making work you are doing is extremely important and of enormous value to businesses and organizations of all types. It should be heavily subscribed to. The Harvard Decision Making Simulation was fascinating, entertaining and thought provoking. A great learning experience facilitated in a very professional manner. Well done!"
– Doug Rose, Past President and CEO, Halterm

Program Facilitator

Dr. Brad McRae, Director of the Atlantic Leadership Development Institute is an accomplished seminar/workshop facilitator and best-selling author. He was trained in negotiating skills at Harvard's Project on Negotiation and in leadership development at the Harvard Business School. He also studied Leadership Decision-Making at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government. He is the author of ten books including: The Seven Strategies of Master Negotiators, The Seven Strategies of Master Presenters, The Seven Strategies of Master Leaders and The Become a Master Decision Maker Workbook. He is currently writing Leadership Wisdom: The Power of Tacit Knowledge. Brad is also the editor of The Atlantic Leadership Development Institute Newsletter.