Lipsett, Adina

Adina Lipsett is the CEO of ACRS Inc. founded in 2009, which provides a wide variety of conflict resolution services catering to individuals, families and workplaces. She holds a Masters of Science degree in Conflict Analysis and Resolution from Nova Southeastern University, as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree, with a double major in Psychology and Law in Society, from the University of New Brunswick. During her Masters program, she had the opportunity to work with Hensen College's Advanced Mediation Workshop and with Roger Beaudry (Stitt Feld Handy), observing and co-mediating the Ontario Mandatory Court Mediation Program. 

She is a Child Protection Mediator and a facilitator for the Province of New Brunswick's For the Sake of the Child program. She is also a workplace assessor and facilitator for Health Canada's Specialized Organizational Services. Privately, Adina provides mediation and negotiation services, court assessments, workplace assessments and organizational design. She has created and presented tailor made workshops on a variety of conflict resolution topics as requested and previously was an affiliate with the New Brunswick Family Mediation Program.

Shkurska, Oksana

Dr. Oksana Shkurska has more than 15 years’ experience in adult education at the university level. Her research interests are in the field of communication and sociolinguistics, and they include barriers to effective interpersonal communication and intercultural communication. She regularly presents her research at conferences throughout Canada and internationally.

She teaches Business Communication at Rowe School of Business as well as Intercultural Communication within the Certificate of Intercultural Communication program at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. She is an instructor at Dalhousie University College of Continuing Education, teaching Interpersonal Communication and Organizational Behaviour.

Dr. Shkurska is also a freelance intercultural trainer and consultant for Brookfield Global Relocation Services. She conducts workshops and consults for local organization and individuals on the issues of communication, conflict management, and negotiation across cultures.

Soehl, Tom

Tom Soehl has over 20 years’ experience in natural resource negotiation and conflict resolution. He has worked for provincial governments in British Columbia and Nova Scotia. In British Columbia he managed multi stakeholder negotiations on land use and protected areas. In Nova Scotia he was Director of Negotiations for the provincial Office of Aboriginal Affairs for negotiations on Aboriginal and treaty rights and self-government with the Mi’kmaq of Nova Scotia and the federal government. 

Tom’s background is in complex, multi-party negotiations, but the process and skills needed to be effective are equally relevant to other negotiations, whether they involve resolving workplace issues, buying a car, or deciding where to go on the next family vacation.

Tom currently works with the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources as Director of Aboriginal Policy.