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Building Your Home Inspection Business

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Your marketing plan may be the one piece missing to achieving your goal of building your successful home inspection business. This 14-week online course will help you avoid pitfalls and focus on winning strategies. Our business enterprise professionals will provide one-on-one feedback to help you create a customized two-year marketing plan. Your success will depend as much on your marketing ability and human relations skills as your technical competence.

Learning objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Create a customized two-year marketing plan for your business
  • Identify and build your distinct brand
  • Give exceptional customer service by understanding the needs and wants of your clients
  • Define your unique selling position
  • Evaluate different pricing strategies
  • Understand how marketing materials function as advertising tools
  • Handle complaints by turning objections to your advantage
  • Develop approaches for closing the sale

Topic outline

Creating a Customized Two-year Marketing Plan

  • Understand the Purpose and the Ingredients of a Marketing Plan
  • Describe Your Services
  • Build the Profile of Primary and Secondary Customers
  • Conduct Market Research on Your Industry, Target Market(s), Competition, Pricing Strategy and Advertising and Promotion Strategy
  • Developing an Effective Marketing Strategy
  • Allocate Budgets for each Marketing Activity

Marketing Concepts and Practice

  • Developing your Company Identity
  • Service Philosophy
  • Pricing Services
  • Marketing for Growth
  • Referral Networks
  • Handling Complaints

Advertising, Public Relations and Sales

  • Advertising Strategies and Methods
  • Public Relations
  • Fundamentals of Sales and Selling
  • Targeting Sales Efforts
  • Closing the Sale
  • Customer Relationship Management