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Theoretical Foundations of Fire Protection Planning II

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Course Description

Prerequisite: Theoretical Foundations of Fire Protection Planning I
This course expands on its prerequisite (Theoretical Foundations of Fire Protection Planning I) by providing the student with the experience of researching aspects of the fire service delivery, reporting on that research to other students, the instructors, and the student’s fire department.

The Critical Review

The major assignment requires that you search the relevant journals, explore engineering reports sent to municipal fire departments. The first task requires use of the internet using the library privileges you now have. The second requires contact with other fire departments. Next you proceed to read and critically evaluate what you have read using the techniques employed in the third and fourth assignments in Theoretical Foundation of Fire Protection Planning I. you may also obtain some references from your expert as well. Then you proceed to write and present your critical review to other students, the instructors and the expert, incorporating their feedback into subsequent drafts of your work. Finally you submit your critical review to the instructors and the expert…and your fire department.

Course Author

John Benoit, Ph.D., has been an applied sociologist, employing social science research to fire service administration. He obtained his PhD in sociology from the Johns Hopkins University in 1975, writing a dissertation on the effect of information flow on risk taking. He had worked at Dalhousie for 24 years, spending the last 20 as Director, Fire Management Education. During this time he wrote and co-wrote several of the courses, editing others. His principal areas of expertise include fire department-municipal government relations, the volunteer fire service, some aspects of personnel management, and theoretical perspectives on emergency management. In addition to course development, he has conducted research and published in the areas of volunteer fire administration, and disaster management. John recently retired and is now examining the effect of rural volunteer fire departments on the local community, and the impact of courageous experience and social capital on local economic development.