Incident Command

Certificate Program

The first course in this two-course certificate program introduces research theory that attempts to explain how the size up is conducted through recognition-primed decision making. The second course introduces the more social and political aspects of incident command research and builds on the psychological aspects developed in the first course.

Requirements for Applicants

This Certificate is for experienced incident commanders.

Who Should Enroll

Any career or volunteer officer with previous incident command experience.


To review and explore incident command research and theory developed over the last 20 years as to:

  • Generate a better understanding of incident command and training for incident command; and
  • Help participants to develop a professionalized fire service.

Delivery Method

The Certificate in Incident Command is delivered online. Online delivery enables students to interact with fellow students as well as the instructor. Students participate in online graded discussions and/or group work as well as complete written assignments.

Textbook Information

The registration fee does NOT include the cost of Textbooks.

To find the textbook order form for your specific course click on the name of that course. This will take you to the course description and the ‘Textbook Order form’ link. You can complete the form electronically and email it to our office (as an attachment) or you can print it, complete it and fax or email it to the program office.

The completed form and payment must be received by our office no later than:

  • March 25, 2020 for Spring 2020

If your organization is paying you must include one of the following; a copy of the purchase order, a purchase order number, corporate credit card information, a letter authorizing us to invoice your department (email is fine) or a cheque.

Once payment is received the books will be sent via Canada Post to the address supplied on the order form. It is your responsibility to ensure you have all of the necessary books in their correct edition/s prior to the course start date.