General Fundamentals of Energy Savings (Module I)

This is the first module in this Certificate Program. It is 100% Online.

Course Outline

Session 1 - Introduction

  • Determination of Work, Energy and Power
  • Units of Measure Used in Energy Systems
  • Historical overview of energy usage
  • Relationship between Energy, Population, and Wealth
  • Pressures Facing World due to Energy Consumption
  • Course goal

Session 2 - Engineering Tools in Energy Conservation

  • How to read and analyze energy and utility bills
  • The Energy Audit
    • Types of energy audit and questionnaire
    • Instruments used in energy audit
    • Identification of quality and cost of various energy inputs
    • Evaluation of energy consumption pattern in different processes
    • Heat loss analysis
    • Electrical energy input analysis
  • Energy Conservation
    • Analysis of scope and potential for energy conservation
    • Good housekeeping practice
    • Energy storage; Accumulators and storage media
    • Process integration as a measure of energy conservation

Session 3 - Systems Tools for Energy Savings

  • Existing Regular Energy Resources versus Alternative Resources
  • Fundamentals of the Systems Approach in Energy Conservation
  • Scenarios and Models
  • Multi-Criteria Analysis of Energy Systems Decisions
  • Selection among Alternative Solutions Using Optimization

Session 4 - Economic Tools for Energy Savings

  • The Time Value of Money
  • Economic Analysis of Energy Projects and Systems
  • Evaluation without Discounting
  • Intervention in Energy Investments to Achieve Social Aims
  • Example of Project “Recap of Relocation of Boiler Combustion Air Force Draft Fan Inlets”

Session 5 - Lighting

  • Components of the lighting system
  • Determining lighting needs
  • Maintaining the lighting system

Session 6 - Lighting (continued)

  • The lighting survey
  • Regulatory/safety issues
  • Lighting checklist

Session 7 - Compressed Air Engineering

  • Types of air compressors
  • The compressed air system
  • Compressed Air Leaks, Compressed Air Log
  • Waste heat recovery from air compressors
  • Improving the operation of the compressed air system

Session 8 - Water System; Natural Gas System

  • Water supply and water distribution systems
  • Flow monitoring devices
  • Water Treatment
  • Improving the hot water system
    • Need for hot water
    • Temperature engineering
    • Insulation
  • Cooling Water and Cooling Towers
  • Chillers and Refrigeration Systems
  • Natural Gas supply and distribution systems
  • Natural Gas Burners and Energy Conservation
  • Natural Gas Leaks. Natural Gas Log