FAQ about Online Programs

General questions

Is there a price differential for international students?

No, all students pay the same tuition fee at the College of Continuing Education.

How do I access the course?

Approximately 7-10 days before the course starts, you will receive a reminder email requesting that you arrange for payment if you have not done so already.

Once payment is made, you will receive a username, password and instructions by email immediately prior to the course start date.

If you are a Dalhousie University employee taking a program hosted at Dalhousie, your NetID and password will work to access the course.

When will I be given access to my course?

When payment is received. This must be done before the course start date. The course will open in the morning of the first scheduled day.

Do I need to purchase books/software for my course?

Some courses do require the purchase of books/software. Visit the program page for details on ISBN numbers, publisher, etc.

Books/software can be purchased through Amazon or Chapters.

What platform is used for online learning at Dalhousie University?

Brightspace, which was developed by D2L (Desire2Learn).

Is there Help available?

Yes, Brightspace has a Help section to assist with navigating the learning environment.

Dalhousie University also has a Help Desk that is available to assist with technical and access issues. You will be given all this information at the start of the course.


About the format for online Certificate Programs hosted at Dalhousie University:*

How are the online certificates set up?

Most online certificates comprise 3-4 modules and are set up very similarly to in-class courses. There is a weekly syllabus that may include readings, assignments, quizzes and a weekly live online session with the instructor.

The day of the live sessions varies with the certificate, but they are always at 7:00 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST).  

The live session is with the instructor and other participants. It is not mandatory to attend the live session, but it is your opportunity to ask the instructor questions and meet other participants.

Live sessions are approximately an hour long. They are recorded for review and for those in time zones that are not compatible with 7:00 pm EST.

How do the live sessions work?

Live sessions are run using Collaborate Ultra which is a real-time video conferencing tool. It does not require you to install any software.

Are there quizzes and/or exams?

Yes, there are both and all are 100% online.

Details can be found on each certificate page.

What is the time commitment required?

Past participants have indicated that a commitment of 7-9 hours each week is required to do the readings, sit in on the live session, complete any assignments and study for quizzes and the final exam.

Please keep in mind this is very subjective and will vary according to your own study habits, etc.

Who are the instructors?

Instructors are all professionals and experts in their subject area. Most run their own consulting practices and teach part-time online and/or in person.

*Does not apply to Business Analyst, Project Management (UBC) or Technical Writing courses.

About the format for online Advanced Business Analysis courses:

How are the online self-study courses set up?

Self-study courses are designed to be completed at your own pace.  You will have access to video presentations, self-assessment quizzes, case studies, exercises, suggested solutions, and a final exam.

How do students and instructors communicate?

Instructors are available through email for questions and/or help with the program.

Instructors are all business analysts who are experts in their field.

There are currently two self-study courses available:

Does paying my $200 Administration Fee automatically register me into the courses for my program?

No, you must also register for the course(s) you wish to take.

Besides the course/program tuition fees, are there any other costs?

There is a $200 CDN administrative fee in order to be enrolled as a certificate student.

There may be books/software required for the course. Visit the course page for details.

What platform is used for online learning at UBC?

Moodle, an online learning management system that supports your learning efforts by providing orientation, schedules, grades, instructor contact information, resources, and curriculum overview pages.

When can I start my online course?

Each online course has a specific start and end date.

On the start date of your online course you will be sent an email [prior to 4:00 pm PST] providing you with the URL for Moodle at UBC, as well as a login and password.

Are there any scheduled times to be online?

Your online study and research can happen at any time during the day or night and will be dependent on your own schedule. Moodle is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How will the students and/or tutors communicate online?

Both students and tutors communicate with their students via email, online discussion sessions, online chat and the occasional phone call.

How are students graded during the course or program - are there papers or exams?

There will be either assignments, individual projects or exams which will have scheduled completion dates and are graded by the online tutor. Please check the course descriptions for more specific details.

What is the time commitment required?

Approximately 6-10 hours per course, per week for reading, assignments and discussions.

Approximately 15 hours for the Fast Track programs.

Who are the instructors?

UBC's online tutors are business professionals experienced in online adult education. They are charged with the online instruction and guidance of students on a one-to-one and group basis.


About our online Technical Writing Certificate program:

How are the online courses in the certificate set up?

The courses are self-paced and comprise weekly learning activities including videos, writing exercises, discussion postings, writing assignments and virtual coaching sessions.

A new module is released each week. Participants are notified by email when it is accessible.

How do I access my course?

Once you have registered and paid for your course, you will be sent information on how to log onto the system along with the details of the online sessions.

What is the time commitment required?

Over the four-week period, it is a total time commitment of approximately 18 hours. This includes time to complete the weekly self-paced learning activities, the writing assignments and the two virtual coaching sessions.

What is a virtual coaching session?

It is the opportunity for you to connect with the instructor and others in the course to ask specific questions and/or discuss the course content.

There are two virtual coaching sessions that are approximately 2 hours each.