HVAC System: Design, Balancing & Selection


To provide participants with the tools and practical techniques that will allow analyzing the variants they encounter when faced with problems related to the design, selection and implementation of HVAC systems for a wide range of site conditions/parameters.


Surveys of occupant complaints reveal that up to 80% of the complaints are either directly or indirectly related to HVAC systems. There is not a single facility today, be it industrial, commercial, institutional or hospital, that does not provide an atmosphere that is temperature controlled and where the quality of air is of paramount importance to the operators and the people who work within. With such tight parameters the design, selection, testing, and operation of HVAC systems for both new installations as well as retrofits plays a significant role in providing a desirable environment. This seminar has been designed to speak to those needs by covering the fundamentals that must be evaluated before selection and installation. Also, included is what measures can be taken to obtain maximum performance and show you how you can achieve your goals with well-defined testing/balancing methodology.

During the problem solving/workshop portions of the seminar, participants will use actual exercises/case studies to design and solve HVAC related problems.

Who Should Attend

Managers, operators, plant/design engineers, operating engineers, supervisory personnel, property/facility managers of institutional, commercial and industrial buildings, building maintenance personnel, builders, contractors and other individuals having responsibility for cost on industrial, commercial and institutional buildings, utilities and public projects.

Benefits to Participants

  • Learn how to assess and apply design criteria when specifying, installing or upgrading HVAC systems
  • Increase your understanding of the calculations related to heating load, cooling load and duct design
  • Learn how commissioning, testing, adjusting and balancing can help you to achieve, verify and document air-conditioning system operation and performance
  • Develop confidence in selecting HVAC controls that can maximize HVAC components, system’s efficiency, and utilization
  • Gain a fresh viewpoint to look at your HVAC system needs and how to analyze the variants when faced with problems that will assist you to select the right equipment for your project needs


  • Introduction
  • HVAC Systems
  • Heating Load & Heating Load Estimation
  • Problem Solving Session I: Heating Load
  • Workshop: Heat Load Determination
  • Cooling Load Calculations
  • Design of Air Conditioning System
  • Duct Design & Air Distribution Systems
  • Problem Solving Session II: Duct Design
  • Workshop: Heat Loss Calculation
  • Air Balancing
  • Selection of HVAC Equipment
  • Tips and Checklist
  • Workshop: HVAC System

Seminar Leader

Rishi Kumar, M.Sc. Eng., P.Eng., PMP, CMC, GSC, FEC is a President and CEO of Global Educational and Consulting Services (GECS) and is an approved education provider by the Engineering Institute of Canada, (EIC) and International Association of Continuing Education and Training, Washington, DC (IACET). Rishi obtained his M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering in 1976 from University of Calgary, Alberta. Since 1976, he has held many senior positions in utility, auto industry, research & development, services, manufacturing and consulting sectors in project, program and portfolio management of various capital projects. Since 1996, he conducted 500+ public and in-house seminars all over the globe through various universities, construction associations and other professional organizations and published/presented 25+ technical, business and management papers in various publications/conferences throughout the globe.

Mr. Kumar is a licensed professional engineer (P.Eng.) in the Province of Ontario, and holds various professional certifications {Certified Project Management Professional (PMP), and a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) and Certified Quality Auditor}. He obtained his Gold Seal Certification (GSC) from the Canadian Construction Association (CCA) in 2011.
Mr. Kumar served as a Chair, President, Sr. Vice-President-Operations and Director-Marketing and Professional Development portfolios for PMI Lakeshore chapter and presently serving in Ethics Review Committee (ERC) of PMI Global and providing caching and mentoring to PMI members. Mr. Kumar is actively involved since 1996 with Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) and is serving in various committees and boards (Discipline, Equity & Diversity and Experience Requirements). Since 2007, Rishi is providing coaching and mentoring services to PEO Mississauga as a Chairperson. He supports the mentorship programs offered by various non-profit organizations (CESO, Ontario Works-Peel Region, Skills for Change, ACCES Employment, DBNS and CMC) in GTA since 1994.