Microsoft Excel 2016 (365) Data Analysis with Power PivotTables


This course provides greater depth on many of the skills and concepts covered in Excel 2016 (365) Level III while introducing new tools and techniques. More advanced functions such as Logical, Conditional, Text, and Date functions are covered. In addition, the lookup functions, Index functions, and Match functions will give students a better understanding of some of the data management capabilities of Excel. Later units will cover Data Validation and Advanced Filtering techniques. Students will learn chart formatting for conventional Excel charts and Pivot Charts from Pivot Tables. Techniques and procedures for importing and exporting data and charts will be covered in detail. Finally, students will learn about the analytical features of Excel (such as Goal Seek and Solver), running and recording macros.


Excel 2016 (365) Level III


Preparing Data and Creating PivotTables

  • Prepare Data
  • Create a PivotTable from a Local Data Source
  • Create a PivotTable from Multiple Local Data Sources
  • Create a PivotTable from an External Data Source

Analyzing Data Using PivotTables

  • Summarize PivotTable Data
  • Organize PivotTable Data
  • Filter PivotTable Data
  • Format a PivotTable
  • Refresh and Change PivotTable Data

Working with PivotCharts

  • Create a PivotChart
  • Manipulate PivotChart Data
  • Format a PivotChart