Microsoft Access 2016 (365) Level I


This course covers the basic functions and features of Access® 2016 (Desktop/Office 365™). After an introduction to database concepts and the Access® environment and Help systems, students will learn how to design and create databases. Then they will work with tables, fields, and records; sort and filter data; and set field properties and data entry rules. Students will then learn to create queries, forms, and reports.


Getting Started with Access

  • Orientation to Microsoft Access
  • Create a Simple Access Database
  • Get Help and Configure Options in Microsoft Access

Working with Table Data

  • Modify Table Data
  • Sort and Filter Records

Querying a Database

  • Create Basic Queries
  • Sort and Filter Data in a Query
  • Perform Calculations in a Query

Using Forms

  • Create Basic Access Forms
  • Work with Data on Access Forms

Generating Reports

  • Create a Report
  • Add Controls to a Report
  • Enhance the Appearance of a Report
  • Prepare a Report for Print
  • Organize Report Information
  • Format Reports