Adobe InDesign CS6 Level I


This course will teach students fundamental concepts, terminology, and the basic features of Adobe InDesign CS6. Students will learn how to create documents, place text and graphics, and create custom color swatches. Students will also learn how to work with master pages and multi-page documents. In addition, students will learn how to format text, apply styles, work with threaded text frames, position and group objects, and work with layers. Finally, students will print documents, create print presets, create a PDF file, and package documents for commercial printing.


Getting Started

  • The Adobe InDesign environment
  • Preferences and defaults
  • Navigation

Basic Documents

  • New documents
  • Text frames
  • Place and alter graphics and files

Using Objects

  • Object positioning
  • Modify and transform objects¬†
  • Object consistency

Multi-page Documents

  • Master pages
  • Insert, delete, and move pages
  • Layers

Working with Text

  • Text formatting
  • Text styles
  • Text flow

Working with Graphics and Colours

  • Adjust graphic formatting
  • Custom colours

Preflighting and Preparing Documents for Final Output

  • Preflight documents
  • Prepare documents for final output
  • Export to PDF

ACE exam Objectives Map

  • ACE exam objectives