The Introduction to Employment Services course was insightful and informative. It has helped me be a better career practitioner by teaching me the “why’s” of my day-to-day work.

Yvette N. Lombard, BA (January 2013)
Employment Consultant for Clare and Yarmouth Areas
West Nova Inclusive Employment Society

I believe that taking the Introduction to Employment Services certificate program has helped me to understand how important career development is to the client and how the career practitioner can greatly impact the client’s future. I have also gained a deeper understanding of how the code of ethics applies to the career development profession, practitioner and client. It has also given me an overview of the Canadian Standards & Guidelines and how to pull from those guidelines when necessary. I have learned a lot about what employment services is as a whole and I am glad I had such resourceful and helpful instructors. I enjoyed this program while having the opportunity to connect with other field expertise in the workforce and I liked the collaboration of working to together through an online program.

Rebekah Price (January 2013)
Administrative Assistant
Unama’ki Economic Benefits Office
Membertou, Cape Breton