Assessing Client Employability Needs

 (Core Competency C4)

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Needs assessment is an integral part of a Career Practitioner’s role, as it can be the starting point for a client making positive career and employment choices. A needs assessment is an ongoing process that involves understanding and identifying individuals’ employability needs.

There are formal and informal approaches to assessment. This course focuses on the informal Needs Assessment and its vital role in the career development field. It will provide an opportunity for Career Practitioners to refresh, or acquire, knowledge and skills necessary to complete an effective Needs Assessment.

Following a structured approach and clear steps for an informal assessment process, we will focus on the importance of building rapport, asking open-ended questions and identifying individual needs of clients based on the four employability dimensions.
The core competencies set out in the Canadian Standards and Guidelines for Career Practitioners in Needs Assessment and Referral (C4) will be addressed.