Organizational Behaviour

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In this course you will be given an insight into human behaviour in organizations and the capacity for objective analysis. Research and text material drawn from the fields of sociology, anthropology, and psychology are used in the development of understanding and objectivity. Case materials and substantive data from the behavioural sciences are also considered.

Organizational Behaviour (OB) is about work-life and management where we will discuss how individuals, groups and structures have an impact on the human behaviour in organizations through discussing such important topics such as learning, diversity, team building, communication, corporate citizenship and social responsibility.

At the end of this course you should be comfortable discussing organizational behaviour topics such as:

  • Individual Behaviour
    Personality & learning; perception, attribution & diversity; values, attitudes and work behaviour; theories of work motivation;
  • Social Behaviour & Organizational Processes
    Groups, teamwork, social influence, leadership, communication, decision making, power, politics and ethics; and conflict and stress;
  • The Total Organization
    Organizational structure; environment, strategy and technology; Organizational change, development and innovation.

Course outline

Topics covered are:

  • Introduction to Organizational Behaviour
  • Learning and Behaviour Modification
  • Individual Differences: Value, Attitudes and Personality
  • Perception
  • Communication
  • Motivation: Content & Process Theories, Motivation in Practice
  • Group Formation and Structure
  • Intergroup Behaviour and Managing Conflict
  • Leadership
  • Organizational Structure and Change