Interpersonal Communications

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This course examines the components of the interpersonal communication process and communication in different settings. It is designed to enable you to improve your skills as communicators and focuses on how better communication between individuals can improve one’s function as a manager.

In this course on building interpersonal communication skills we will look at how humans communicate with one another, how we attempt to exchange meaning or, in fact, create meaning. While interpersonal communications affect our daily lives (and much of this course will be of direct relevance in this area), the focus of these lessons will be, primarily, on how better communication between individuals can improve our functioning as managers.

This course was designed with three overall objectives in mind. It should help you: develop a better appreciation of what is involved in communication; become a more effective communicator; offer you enjoyment and recognition of personal growth in the process.

We hope that you find the information useful, the process enjoyable, and that you experience the benefits of being a more effective communicator as a result of your involvement.

Course outline

Topics covered are:

  • Messages About the Self and Others
  • The Self in Interpersonal Communication
  • Interpersonal Perception
  • Interpersonal Listening
  • Verbal Messages
  • Non-Verbal Messages
  • Emotional Messages
  • Self-Disclosure in Interpersonal Relationships
  • Interpersonal Communication and Relationships
  • Managing Conflict