Business Law

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Designed to familiarize you with the basics of law which govern the Canadian business community, this course identifies and discusses the more common legal problems encountered by managers, we will introduce the way Canadian law operates and give you a basic knowledge of the law in a number of areas that are important to the businessperson.

We begin by examining the structure of the Canadian legal system and the principles upon which the law is based. This background is essential to the development of an understanding of the law in the areas covered in the course. The course looks at the law of torts, law of contract, breach of contract and the remedies for breach that can be achieved through legal action, several “special” types of contracts, and the legal forms that a business can take.

You will not know all that a lawyer can be expected to know in these areas of business when you complete the course. However, you should know enough to be able to predict the legal implications of taking various actions in the business world, and you should be able to recognize when you don’t know enough and need a lawyer. In addition, you should be able to understand what the lawyer says and does if you find it necessary to consult one, and understand why he or she takes the steps that he or she does.

Course outline

Topics covered are:

  • Introduction to the Canadian Legal System
  • The Law of Torts & Professional Liability
  • The Formation of a Contract
  • Grounds upon Which a Contract May be Impeached
  • The Interpretation, Privity and Discharge of Contracts
  • The Effect of, and Remedies for, Breach & Special Types of Contracts
  • Specific Types of Contracts continued: The Sales of Goods, the Law of Agency and Contract of Employment
  • Property
  • Forms of Business Organization
  • Government Regulation of Business, International Business Transactions, Electronic Commerce