Leadership (replaces Managerial Skills)

Leadership course description

This course has been designed to be different. Developed by people with experience leading in different cultures and contexts, it has been carefully crafted to take participants on a learning journey and launch them on a continuing voyage of leadership development. The course has three plans:

  • Learning about leadership
  • Learning about and developing yourself
  • Applying learning to professional practice

This course will challenge you to question your fundamental assumptions, beliefs, and values regarding leading people. You will be asked to look closely at who you are as a leader today, and who you would like to become in the future. You will be introduced to diverse perspectives of leadership and modern management strategies to fit different temperaments, cultures, learning styles, preferences and values.

You will be leaning in a team environment throughout the duration of the course so that you have the opportunity to learn from peers coming from different professional backgrounds. Each unit provides a particular focus and progression that will assist in your personal leadership development and how you can apply course material to your professional setting.

This course will also utilize modern online teaching approaches to foster active learning, experiential learning, social learning, and problem-based learning, which will enable you to construct a robust understanding of leadership and how you can become a better leader.

Learning outcomes

Understanding the importance of self-awareness and self-reflection in regards to leadership;

  • Developing a strong theoretical foundation of leadership to build upon;
  • Understanding the relationship between power and leadership;
  • Examining the importance of vision and ethics when leading others;
  • Appreciating the role followers play in leadership;
  • Performing the role of a mentor for colleagues;
  • Developing and executing a personal leadership development plan;
  • Applying leadership theory and strategy to professional contexts.